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Roof Replacement Case Study

Your roof is incredibly important to your building, for many reasons. However, most people don't realise this until it’s too late and there's something obviously wrong with it!

But what you might not realise is that the issues with your roof aren't always as simple as a visible break or a leak. Some problems are less apparent, but still need fixing, such as drainage issues or the energy efficiency of the building!

At Facilities Management Solutions, we provide all manner of roofing projects, from gutter and roof clearing all the way to a full-scale roof replacement.

We have just completed a major roof replacement project for a commercial client, replacing the roof of both their warehouse and the small adjoined office, in Milton Keynes.

Before & After

An image from our original drone survey before the project began, contrasted against the finished roof, after completion

A Dramatic Upgrade


This roof had numerous issues, none more important to address than it being an Asbestos roof. Since the year 2000, it has been illegal to build with Asbestos in the UK, and ever since, it has been gradually phased out from both domestic and commercial properties.

While having Asbestos in your building isn't illegal, it must be regularly assessed and it has to remain in near-perfect condition, as the fibres are dangerous if inhaled. It can be a lot more hassle than it's worth, and with buildings containing this material now all 20+ years old, we always advise the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos where appropriate.

Due to the contents of this warehouse and the severe deterioration of the material we removed the Asbestos from the roof, making it safer and modernising the building, to put it in line with modern warehouses.

At the midpoint of the project. With half of the Asbestos roof panels remaining.

Energy Efficiency

An invisible but impactful issue with an old roof is the negative impact on your energy bills!

There are many factors which impact the energy efficiency of this old roof, that have now been drastically improved. For example, the solar reflection of the previous Asbestos roof was poor, and the ventilation wasn't the best - meaning that the inside of the building got very hot during the summer, driving up the need for air-conditioning.

The new roof also has rooflights, which has a massive impact on electricity bills, as when it is bright outside, the warehouse can be lit entirely by natural light. This saves energy - and therefore money - and also makes the warehouse feel brighter and fresh, leading to a generally nicer working environment.

The modern materials of the roof itself also have an impact on the energy rating of the roof, and in turn, the site.

Our roof replacement improved the energy rating of the site all the way from E to B, which will save our client a significant amount of money moving forward.

What an upgrade! The roof on the day that the final panels were installed. (Prior to parapet wall cladding)

Visual Appearance

It also goes without saying that the new roof looks significantly better! The modern-looking building, with the new external wall cladding that surrounds the roof and loading bays gave the building a much-needed update.

Naturally, this isn't the reason that you would get your roof replaced, but it's a nice bonus that your site looks cleaner and more modern.

A Happy Client

"FMS and the team have been amazing and supportive throughout the complete roof replacement.  

Their communication and dedication to the project has been exemplary and the roofing team have been a pleasure to work with.   

We are so pleased with the result that we are now looking to replicate this project on another one of our properties.   

Great job, FMS!”

How can we help you?

Facilities Management Solutions provide a wide array of bespoke roofing solutions, specifically catered to your building and requirements.

We can provide a free no-obligation survey to make recommendations on what we suggest for your roof. Naturally, if you already have an idea of something that you want to improve, just let us know.

Either way, get in touch today via the contact form below or by calling 01908 103099.



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