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Preparing schools and colleges for the winter

As schools, colleges and universities across the country get ready to close their doors for the summer we're busy getting set to prepare their buildings for the winter.

The team at Plumbing & Gas Solutions and sister company Facilities Management Solutions already have a packed calendar this summer – with teams of engineers lined up to service boilers, install heating systems, refurbish buildings and carry out general repair works.

Carl Yeomanson, Managing Director, said: "The summer holidays are pretty much the only time of the year that education establishments can dedicate time to maintaining, servicing, and preparing buildings and equipment, so it is a key time of the year for us."

"Once students return to their classrooms after the summer break, there is only around a month until the heating will need to go on. There is a legal obligation to keep classrooms at a certain temperature so servicing boilers, for example, are a priority."

Already in the Plumbing & Gas Solutions summer diary are Cranfield University, Milton Keynes College and Bletchley College – all of which have been opening their doors for summer servicing for more than five years.

This summer will also be the fifth year we are set to work at Northamptonshire's Wellingborough School and for the first year, the Facilities Management Solutions team will be on site at Great Horwood Church of England School. We will also be working on a variety of refurbishment projects at Milton Keynes College. Schools in Milton Keynes also signed up for summer support include Oakgrove School, Monkston Primary, Emerson Valley School, Merebrook Infant, Caroline Haslett Primary, Glastonbury Thorn and Green Park Primary.

Ten top tips for UK schools, colleges and universities courtesy of Plumbing & Gas Solutions and Facilities Management Solutions:

  • Legionella / water risk management – with facilities being closed for up to 6 weeks it is essential to ensure a water risk management system is in place prior to opening. This includes pipe work to reduce the chance of legionella
  • Refurbishments – the summer is an ideal time to get refurbishments underway while classrooms are empty. Consider installing additional hand washing facilities
  • Heating & boiler servicing – get all things mechanical serviced prior to the winter months
  • Site security, CCTV, alarms, door systems, fencing and gates – security is paramount during summer so make sure you plan and invest in security
  • Fire maintenance – test all fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler protection systems, components and alarms
  • Grounds maintenance – are there any major or minor works that need to take place during this period?
  • Electrical – ensure you test your emergency lights and consider upgrading to LED if you haven't already
  • Roofing – use the summer months to inspect all roofs and exterior parts of the building and make any repairs. It makes sense for this to take place in the summer rather than during the winter, when it is cold and the buildings are packed with students
  • Health & Safety – all too easy to neglect this, so ensure this summer you assess and update all your health and safety procedures, policies and risk assessments

If you're an education establishment and need advice and support on preparing your building for the winter or perhaps you'd like an informal chat about ongoing or one-off services available from our experienced plumbing, heating and facilities team? Contact us for a free site survey and no obligation quote on 01908 103040 or email



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