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Meet our new Operations Manager Dan Cole

Dan Cole is the recently appointed Operations Manager at Facilities Management Solutions, a Milton Keynes based business which was launched in January 2021 and is the sister company to the long-established Plumbing and Gas Solutions, run by Carl Yeomanson. Here, Dan talks about the new company, his fresh challenge and plans for the year ahead …

My new role:

I liaise with clients and sub-contractors every day. Top of our agenda is to ensure quality workmanship and a high level of service. No matter how big the job, these levels must stay as high as possible. Every day is different. One day I will be visiting clients on site or meeting with contractors. Another I will be in the office putting together quotes and responding to any queries from clients.

My career path

Initially it was all about sport. I studied Sports Management after leaving school and worked in health and fitness management for several years. I then joined MK Dons Football Club, heading up their commercial department – a great experience.

Football is a seven day a week job and, with a young family, I decided to step away so I could be at home more at the weekends.

So, I moved into education and more recently, before joining Facilities Management Solutions, I worked at publishing company All Things Business, helping set up a new Milton Keynes office.

My career switch

I originally met Carl and Operations Director Chris when I worked at MK Dons (they didn't buy from me at the time) and I then had a meeting with Carl when I worked at All Things Business (I finally got him over the line – never give up!)

I have spent time with Carl and Chris socially over the last couple of years and things just clicked, and we became good mates (they may say different!).

The opportunity came up to join them and support with setting up FMS which I saw as an exciting opportunity and challenge which I couldn't turn down.

I enjoy being a part of a team and am excited for the future to see how far we can take FMS.

My typical week

Every week is different – spent between being on site, meeting clients, sub-contractors and in the office. It's early days but I do love the variety and being out and about meeting new people (even though it is far reduced due to the pandemic restrictions).

Essential traits for my role

Building and managing relationships with clients has always been key and something that has been vital throughout my career. People need to be able to trust you and I never like letting people down, so I think this goes a long way when you are providing a service.

Any attribute you wish you had?

I am quite impatient and sometimes wish things would move a little quicker!

How my colleagues would describe me …

What a guy!

When I'm not working …

I love football, horse racing and spending time with my two boys. I also love watching my team, Liverpool, play (sometimes!). I also love watching my two boys play football at the weekends. I also enjoy spending time socialising with friends although I can't remember what this feels like, it's been so long!

My favourite saying

It's not so much related to work but I love the quote from Bill Shankly (legendary Liverpool manager): “Some people believe that football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude, I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

Want to chat to Dan? Simply email and he will get back to you.



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