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The teams at both Plumbing and Gas Solutions and sister company Facilities Management Solutions have been out and about over the last few weeks – conducting free site surveys for businesses and organisations across Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, and Bedfordshire.

With many offices and businesses still closed to staff and the public there have been a record number of requests for site visits and surveys.

Owner Carl Yeomanson explained: “With many businesses preparing to reopen after the third lockdown it is proving the perfect time to make sure buildings and work environments are exactly as business owners and managers want them, leaving them free to focus on their business.

We manage a wide range of buildings including large office buildings, small commercial units, hospitals, laboratories, and multi-use buildings. Here is a summary of how these site surveys work and can benefit your business:

  • Our teams can visit your facility and advise on all things building management to see where we can offer increased efficiency.
  • We look at everything operating within your building including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrics, energy efficiency, air quality and more.
  • We can look at all aspects of your building and energy usage and put measures in place to save you money.
  • We take care of everything and make sure that any headaches are taken away along with any ongoing issues within your facility.
  • No cost is involved but we can come back to you with a list of suggestions to increase efficiency.

Here are some key questions we suggest businesses ask themselves:

  • Is your building being run at full capacity, with a small percentage of the site being utilised?
  • Is the lighting as efficient as it could be?
  • Are the checking in systems up to scratch?
  • Is the air cleaning quality up to scratch?
  • Is fire safety where it should be?
  • With sites not being at 100% capacity, is security where it needs to be?
  • Is water being heated for 100 people when only two people are in the building?
  • Is water sitting untouched potentially causing safety issues?

Free site surveys are continuing into March, so if you would like some expert advice and tips and suggestions as to how you can be more efficient, save money and be safe then get in touch.



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